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Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Strawberry Patch Park.

We took Ella Katherine to the park last weekend. She had such a blast on the playground and with the geese. She has been before, but this was the first time she could actually enjoy it.

Congrats Cathryn and Luke!

Matt's cousin Cathryn got married last weekend. The wedding and reception were beautiful and so much fun. Ella Katherine was dressed appropriately for the wedding, but after a couple of hours she was tired of it. That is why she looks like a little redneck in the picture. She stayed on the dance floor all night long and loved it. This child loves to dance. It is hilarious! This is one of the only pictures I have. Its hard to take them when you are taking care of a child.


Life has been super busy lately. I am finally having time to sit down and do a new post thanks to a relaxing weekend in Collinsville. Ella Katherine is down for her morning nap, so I have snuck off to the computer. Law school and the Army have kept Matt super busy and thanks to the wonderful economy my job has been quite stressful lately. Working at a bank during times like this is NOT fun! If I get asked one more question about FDIC I might go crazy! Oh fun story about work yesterday. We actually had a customer whoop it out and urinate in our lobby. I am not talking about a small little puddle, he must have been holding it for hours! Downtown Jackson can be quite the interesting place to work.

Ella Katherine has become quite the active baby lately. The last two weeks she has been a little under the weather with ear infections and sore throat, but she is started to bounce back. We are still not crawling, but I don't think its too far away. I think she doesn't see the need, since we do EVERYTHING for her.

In case you haven't heard yet(if anybody stills reads this thing), Ella Katherine is going to be a big sister. We are about ten weeks along. My second appt is next Thursday. We will set a due date in stone then, however it is around May 4th, as of now. Two in diapers, living in a two bedroom town home and one income should be quite exciting. Nineteen more months until Matt is done. I have the countdown going!