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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today after church we headed out to a local vineyard that host a polo match every Sunday afternoon. People put up tents and eat their lunch there. It was such a fun new thing to watch. We may have found our new Sunday afternoon tradition. Matt has the kids down at the pool now, so I am getting special time with my little man!:)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Virginia Safari Park

Last night we went to Baja Bean Co. I am a huge fan now!! Of course I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant that I am not a fan of! I am fairly certain the whole place had a party upon our departure, and it probably took three people to clean up my kids mess. We then went to Kohr's frozen custard. Today we ventured out to Buffalo, VA to the Virginia Safari Park. We were quite hesitant to make the 70 minute drive and spend the money. I mean this place is in the middle of nowhere. Much to our surprise it was WONDERFUL!!! We first ate a picnic lunch, then we headed to the walk through park. We were able to feed lots of different animals including a giraffe. We then got in our car and drove through the Safari part. The animals literally stick their heads in your car to eat food from your buckets. We fed Zebra, Llama (Which EK is dying for one now), Ostrich, Pigs. We saw every kind of animal you could possible imagine. We even saw a llama that literally just been born right in front of us. My favorite quote of the day was of course by Ella Kat. A momma Squirrel Monkey that has beard was nursing, and EK screams out, "Weird momma, why is that grandpa feeding that baby from it's milkers?" We made lots of wonderful memories their today and I am so thankful we took the risk. This past week was fairly uneventful minus date night.

Weekend Adventures

A quick recap of last weekend. Saturday morning we got a late start and headed to Chiles Orchards. We picked fresh peaches and had homemade peach ice cream. It was such a fun time for the girls and a great way to show them that food does not come from the grocery store. :) We then headed to Blue Mountain Brewery for lunch. By far my favorite place here so far. It is hidden in the mountains with an amazing view. We sat out under a beautiful arbor while the kids jumped in an inflatable jump house. So beautiful and the food is to die for! We then just drove a little ways on the Blue Ridge Parkway where we stopped at Humpback Rocks. Sunday we attended Trinity Presbyterian again. We then went to Walnut Creek Lake where we took a picnic lunch. We swam and the girls built sand castles. The Kona Ice truck happened to come by for a yummy treat. I finally had to purchase a camera. I left my big Nikon at home, so I had to buy a cheapo this week. I was missing far to many memories. About to post pics of what we did today. Oh and I forgot to mention one of the precious female JAGs kept the kids Thursday night to allow Matt and I to go out to eat. Can I tell you how much I love this girl!! We walked the pedestrian mall and ate at a Italian restaurant. It was pretty good.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Our Little Adventure

Well the Vitart clan has relocated temporarily to Charlottesville. Matt is attending JAG school here with the Army. I am going to try to keep this thing up while we are here so that we will be able to remember our little adventure. Plus there is very little I can accomplish at nap time in a one bedroom hotel room with three kids. We are loving this area. It is so beautiful. Matt and I headed out on July 1 driving this way. We went to Charleston, SC on the way up for about five days. Matt dropped me off at Durham to catch a flight back to the kiddos who had spent a week at Grammy and Pappys. Matt then went to Ft. Lee for two weeks of introduction training. The kids, my mom and I made the incredibly long drive back up to Charlottesville on July 25th. We spent three days on the road but had a great time. We stopped over in Chattanooga, TN and played in Coolidge Park. We then spent the night in Murphy, NC. The next day we drove to Efland, NC where we spent the night on a working farm. I am just going to have to face the fact that my girls are definitely more cut out for the city life. I need to move them back to Collinsville ASAP. After about five minutes they were much to hot and dramatic for us to do much on the farm. We did get to see the pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. I was totally back in my element! We then finally arrived on July 27th to our destination. It took a few days for Matt to adjust to having four more people here, but we have all settled in now. I am going to lay out what we did so far just for my memory. I am going to change format on next post, but I just need to jot all this down before it becomes fuzzy. Friday July 27th- We arrived around 4p.m. to Charlottesville. When Matt got out of class we headed to Brixx Pizza. Very yummy! Saturday July 28th- Mom kept Toxey and we headed to Monticello with the girls. The kids museum there was excellent. Tour was a major failure. What led me to believe a four and three year old would be interested in someone's home they knew nothing about I am not sure. After room three where Hart nearly ripped actual orignial paintings off the wall in Thomas Jefferson's bedroom and both girls layed down on the floor we attempted to find an exit. They obviously were prepared for this becaused suddenly a side door flew open and about four people with walkie talkies guided us through hidden hallways and out the door. Creepy! We then left immediately and dined at Michie's Tavern. Very cool place and yummy food. However, I find it so humorous that people are so fascinated with getting to eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes and blackeyed peas with sweet tea. I mean this is what we have most days. There advertisement said try food from yesteryear.:) That night mom kept all three kids and Matt and I were able to eat out and drive around a little. We ate at The Virginian on the Corner. It was so good. Their mac and cheese is to die for! Toxey also took his first steps to grammy on this night. Sunday July 29th- We visited Trinity Presbyterian and really enjoyed it. It's difficult trying new churches when you get to listen to Pastor Carl in church or Sunday school with John Kwasny or Tim Dryden every Sunday, but we did enjoy it. The kids did great in the nursery. They said Hart ate her weight in graham crackers (imagine that.) Monday July 30th- Mom and I ventured out to Penn Park where the kiddos played. We then had to take mom to the airport much to our disapproval of her leaving. Tuesday July 31st- I took the kids down to the pedestrian mall which is so neat. We went to the Virginia Discovery Museum where we played and rode the carousel outside. Then we walked to the visitor center. That night I went to the JAG wive's welcome coffee for us where I was able to visit with some of the professor's wives and other spouses. Matt took the kids for yogurt while I was away. Wednesday August 1st- We picked us Ms. Meg at airport and ate at Chickfila. Thursday August 2nd We went with the two other spouses and children to Bounce n Play. Such a cool place!! Friday August 3rd We went with the same playgroup to Forest Hills Park where they have a great playground and spray park.