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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweet Boy

My dear friend Maggie Ingram came over and snapped some shots of little Toxey man when he was about three weeks old. I really enjoyed visiting with her and getting these precious pics. Toxey was in a foul mood and the girls were acting like hoodlums. Maggie was so patient! I was amazed she was able to get any good shots though.

Stir Crazy

We haven't been able to get out much since Toxey came along so I took the girls to one of our favorite places this summer while I was pregnant, the fountains at Renaissance.

We are Officially Outnumbered

Mark "Toxey" Vitart
July 1, 2011
7lbs. 6ounces
20 inches long

I figured I better jot all this down before I forget numbers and birth story. Gets harder to remember details when you have three to remember. Sweet thing is already 7 weeks old tomorrow so I am a little behind.
All three of my deliveries were pretty similar, however number three moves much quicker!! I went in for my appointment at 37 weeks and 5 days. Blood pressure was up and I was very swollen, as with Ella Katherine and Anne-Hartley. He told me to come to the hospital that night at 5:00p.m. where they would administer a cervadil. Night was pretty calm. Next morning they started pitocin and he broke my water around 7:30 at which I was 1.5 centimeters. By 9:30 I was hurting pretty good. I didn't want to ask for epidural because I assumed it had only dilated maybe another centimeter or two from my past experiences. The nurse was having a horrible time monitoring his heart rate. I was so happy that she told me we needed to go ahead and do epidural so I would quit moving around. This would help her monitor his heart rate better. I hate asking for epidural for some reason. Anyways the anesthesiologist came about five minutes later. She inserted my epidural no kidding four times. Not fun! However it was totally worth it as always. The nurse checked me immediately after and I was already 8cm. I couldn't believe that in two hours time I went from 1.5 to 8cm. The next two centimeters went a little slower. When I got to ten probably around 11:30a.m. Toxey wouldn't drop all the way. She inserted a catheter and within minutes i started feeling lots of pressure. Now the doctor was still at his office at the end of Lakeland and had to make it all the way to Woman's in lunch traffic. She said we would wait until he was in the building to do the first push. Well we heard his voice coming, so we did one push. Now at this point the room was not set up for birth. We all assumed I would have to do several pushes before that needed to take place. We did one push and he crowned. She told me to stop, and then she went to the cabinets to prepare a few things. In the meantime I just knew I felt Toxey coming out. I asked Matt and when he looked he turned completely white. Then I preceded to look, and Toxey's head was literally laying on the bed and noone was around. They start yelling for Dr. Wolfe to come in there. He casually walks in and when he looks at my face and then looked down he put a little pep in his step. He didn't even have time to get fully clothed. I think Matt was seconds away from grabbing the baby out himself. Dr. Wolfe then let me cut the cord myself. It was really neat.