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Friday, January 01, 2010

Sick Little Girl

I am doing this post from Blair Batson Children's Hospital. This has been our residence since Wednesday afternoon. Hart started coughing and running fever Saturday. Sunday morning we packed up and left Collinsville to head to the pediatrician's office in Jackson. They discovered and ear infection and we were sent home with antibiotics. Mother met Matt on Monday night and took both girls back to Collinsville. Hart never seemed to improve and continued running fever. Mom let me know that she was very sick on Wednesday morning and to call the pediatrician. I immediately drove towards Collinsville and met up with mom in Hickory and grabbed Hart to bring her in. She was pitiful and I knew immediately it was not good. We went straight to the doctors and when we arrived she still had fever and was really struggling breathing. I could see the concern on the doctor's face. They gave her a breathing treatment and then hooked her up to the oxygen monitor. Her oxygen level was at 84 and her bpm was at 202.They immediately hooked her up to an oxygen machine. They also tested her for RSV and it came back positive. To say I was an emotional wreck at this point is an understatement. The doctor then came back in and told me we were definitely headed to the hospital, then she said now I am justmcontemplating whether she should go by ambulance. I held it together, but inside I was freaking out! So they pulled up, sirens and all, and put her little carseat on the stretcher. They wheeled us through the full waiting room and out into the ambulance. When we arrived they did xrays, bloodwork, iv, etc... The xray showed pneumonia. On top of all this she has a double ear infection. It has been a rough couple of days, but today things have finally turned around. She is smiling and resting well. They just removed the oxygen and drip. she is doing ok without oxygen. It is still a little lower than normal, so we end up back on it. We will for sure be here again tonight and they will reevaluate the situation tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers.