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Monday, February 16, 2009

28 Week Check Up

I had my 28 week check up today and everything went great. I had originally failed my one hour sugar test, so I had my three hour sugar test today. Not a fun event. Fasting while you are pregnant and then chugging a glass of pure sugar does not sit well. Fortunately I passed with flying colors though. I still have to remain on a diabetic diet, but no meds!! My blood pressure is still good. I am measuring 28 weeks although I feel like I am 37! I will now start going to the doctor every two weeks. I can't believe how quickly it is getting here. Oh and the baby's heart rate was 141 this time (could we have a little man on our hands??) If so, I sure hope he likes pink.

Prayer Request- My sister has shingles. Grayson has had to go stay with my parents because it is possible for him to get it as well. Finley could possibly get chicken pox. Everyone pray for a speedy recovery for Haley and that Grayson and Finley don't get exposed.

Natural Science Museum

Monday, February 09, 2009

Congrats Kayla and Kev Kev!!

Two of my favorite people in the world got engaged last week! Congrats you two! I am so excited for you. I guess Kayla and I won't be Wal-Mart greeters and sharing an apartment at the age of 70 as we once imagined we would.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Park with Boston

Meet my newsest cousin- Finley Banks Davis

Finley Banks Davis
January 30, 2009
7lbs 8ozs
191/2 inches