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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're Back

Hopefully now that our lives are finally starting to settle down a bit, I can keep this thing updated. The Vitarts have had LOTS of changes in the last couple of months. God has continued to give undeserved blessings, and we are so grateful for it all!

Matt completed and most importantly PASSED the Bar! He began work about a month ago. He is loving it! Definitely a big change from being a student. We are so grateful that he got such a great job with wonderful people.

We also bought a house out in Madison. As some of you know we have been stuffed like sardines into a two bedroom/one bath town house. It was perfect for Matt and I, but we continued to grow unplanned. We love our new neighborhood and we love living out here.

Ella Katherine has started staying with Matt's mom during the day. This only adds to her divaness(not a word I realize). Of course thats what grandparents are for, right? She is two going on twenty. I am amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. She tells us all the time that Hart is a baby and she is a teenager. We finally moved up to a "big girl bed." If you come over it will be the first thing she shows you. She is very proud.

Hart is all over the place and eating us out of house and home. Our quiet little baby that you would forget was even in the room is no longer. She brings us so much joy though. She is definitely going to be the class clown. She is really starting to learn alot of words.