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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally Home

As some of you know, Matt left for JAG school in Charlottesville, VA at the beginning of July. The kids and I joined him shortly after. However, our time with him was cut short due to a family emergency that we returned home for. We left him at the very beginning of September to come back to Mississippi. We were able to see him during his transition from Charlottesville to Ft. Benning for the weekend. Other than that quick visit we were separated the rest of the time. Thankfully, Matt finally returned home from JAG school on the weekend before Thanksgiving. I dropped the kids off in Collinsville and made the five hour drive to Ft. Benning for his graduation. We were able to spend a much needed weekend together and do all of our Christmas shopping. We are getting back into our routine and are so happy to be together as a family again. I also have a new found respect for single moms, particularly those with multiple kids! It was no walk in the park, but we survived and plenty of santification happened in the process. :)

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