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Monday, December 10, 2012

Slow Down Time

I am struggling this week. My kids have all decided to hit milestones, or what I consider milestones, all in the same week! Toxey has suddenly weaned himself of the pacifier. The child wanted it all the time, and literally overnight will not touch one. Ella Katherine is turning five at the end of the week. Anne Hartley has slept dry all week, therefore no more pull ups. And on top of all that, I went through all the baby clothes to get rid of them. Life is so ironic how you want to rush through the tough parts, but when they are suddenly gone you miss them. I should be thrilled we won't have the same paci struggle like we did with Anne Hartley, or that I will not have to buy anymore pull ups, but I sit here finding myself a little broken over how quickly it is all happening! The last two years I have barely been able to keep my head above water, having three with me constantly with very little relief. I would complain frequently to myself and hope for a break, especially while Matt was away in Army training. In a short eight months though, EK will be starting Kindergarten and Hart will be in prek4. It will only be Toxey and I here during the day. While the little man and I will enjoy the quietness and drama free mornings, it just won't be the same. People are constantly telling me enjoy it, it goes by quickly. I think those people truly have forgotten the reality that comes with three children 4 and under. I think if they were to experience it again, they would rethink those words. I do not wish to go backwards, however I would love for it to just slow down a bit.


  1. Enjoy ALL OF IT while you can sweet girl. Before you know it you will be planning weddings and dealing with empty nest. I wish for you and family a safe and blessed Christmas. I would love to be a fly on the wall Christmas morning at your house!!! Such fun and lots of love.
    Take care,
    Ms. Malinda

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