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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Virginia Safari Park

Last night we went to Baja Bean Co. I am a huge fan now!! Of course I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant that I am not a fan of! I am fairly certain the whole place had a party upon our departure, and it probably took three people to clean up my kids mess. We then went to Kohr's frozen custard. Today we ventured out to Buffalo, VA to the Virginia Safari Park. We were quite hesitant to make the 70 minute drive and spend the money. I mean this place is in the middle of nowhere. Much to our surprise it was WONDERFUL!!! We first ate a picnic lunch, then we headed to the walk through park. We were able to feed lots of different animals including a giraffe. We then got in our car and drove through the Safari part. The animals literally stick their heads in your car to eat food from your buckets. We fed Zebra, Llama (Which EK is dying for one now), Ostrich, Pigs. We saw every kind of animal you could possible imagine. We even saw a llama that literally just been born right in front of us. My favorite quote of the day was of course by Ella Kat. A momma Squirrel Monkey that has beard was nursing, and EK screams out, "Weird momma, why is that grandpa feeding that baby from it's milkers?" We made lots of wonderful memories their today and I am so thankful we took the risk. This past week was fairly uneventful minus date night.

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